Tarpon Fishing (Everglades City Fishing Guide)

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More giant Tarpon cross my fishing area during their annual migration from March through October than just about any other place in the country. The largest Tarpon of the year are here all summer, in addition, we have medium sized resident Tarpon that are here year-round.

What tackle do you use for Tarpon Fishing, and what will they bite?
It depends on the angler, and what the Tarpon are willing to eat that day. Some anglers fly fish, and others prefer to use spinning or conventional tackle. I keep all of the above on my boat Bottom line is that its really up to the Tarpon. There are days when they will readily take a fly, and by the same token, there are days when they will only eat a particular type of live bait Thats my job to figure out.

Why do so many anglers hook and jump Tarpon, and then loose them?

Are there any secrets to actually landing them? Bow To The King that pretty much sums it up. Actually, what that means is that when a Tarpon jumps you need to lower the rod tip to give the fish some slack. (as seen in the picture) This helps prevent pulled hooks and snapped line when the Tarp makes a jump. The whole process starts with a good hook set This is best accomplished by winding down on the reel to get the line tight and the rod pointing at the fish, then several short side sweeping hook sets with the rod. If you are using a circle hook, leave the rod in the rod holder until it is bent over Then pick up the rod and fight the fish. Youll need to put plenty of pressure on the Tarpon to bring him to the boat Pickup and wind down. If you take a breather, so does he and it all starts over again, and may end up in a stalemate.

What is the Florida record for Tarpon?
Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) 243 lb Key West, Feb. 17, 1975; Gus Bell

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