Snook Fishing

Why go Snook Fishing in The Everglades?

Because Snook!!!

The unique combination of year-round warm water, brackish rivers and backcountry bays, mangroves, oysters, estuaries, forage, and moving water, makes Southwest Florida one of the leading fisheries for Snook in the World. These crafty fish are are tough fighters, leaping out of the water when hooked, then usually heading for structure to cut off your line in retribution for hooking them. They are fast, weary, and have upward looking eyes that dont miss much One of the greatest sport fish that near shore angling has to offer.

What Tackle do you use for Everglades Snook Fishing?

Snook are prime targets for sight fishing with light tackle, like a spinning or casting rod. In addition, fly fishing is a very effective and fun way to go Snook fishing in Florida. They readily eat most artificial lures, of which my favorites are the D.O.A. Lures.

Are there any secrets to catching Everglades Snook?

Moving water and a good presentation are the key to catching Snook. Oh yes, being stealthy is paramount if you want to outsmart a Snook. That is where my Ranger Bay boat shines It slips through Snook territory so quietly, they usually dont know were there. The moving water is provided by properly timing your fishing area to the tides. And the presentation, whether you are using an artificial lure or live bait, I can teach you. Once the battle is on, you have to keep pressure on the fish to keep him out of the structure (mangroves in most cases), and keep the line tight to prevent the Snook from shaking the hook loose in one of its aerial displays.

What is the Florida record for Snook?

Snook (Centropomus undecimalis) 44 lb 3 oz Ft. Myers, Apr. 25, 1984; Robert De Cosmo

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