Redfish Fishing

Why go fishing for Redfish in Everglades National Park?

Redfish love the warm waters the Florida Everglades, the oyster beds, mangroves, and grassy flats are their regular haunts. In fact, Everglades National Park is world famous for Redfish fishing. They are prolific, and definitely not timid when it comes to eating Which makes them a great sport fish for light tackle and fly fishing. Redfish are often seen tailing (very similar to bonefish) on the shallow flats as they feed. And a well placed cast, which is right on their nose, is rarely refused. They pull hard and often make several runs, the second and third sometimes longer than the first.

What tackle do you use for Everglades Redfish fishing?

Redfish are prime targets for sight fishing, and accordingly a light spinning outfit with a Johnson gold spoon, or an 8 wt fly rod and a clouser minnow will do the trick.

One of my favorite lures to use on Redfish in the Everglades is a soft plastic jerk bait. Im partial to Saltwater Assassins, but there are numerous others that work just as well. One trick to get them into the strike zone is to use one of the new pinch on weights (made by D.O.A. Lures) on the shank of your hook.

Without the weight this type of lure is just about as deadly effective as you can get to catch Snook that are laid up in the mangrove roots. It is completely weedless and can be skipped right up into the mangroves, or worked through heavy grass.

What is the trick to catching an Everglades Redfish?

When Redfish fishing you almost have to be rude, and by that I mean your offering has to be right in front of their nose for them to be able to see it. Remember, for the most part, they are probing and feeding along the bottom for crabs and shrimp, and hence they tend to be focusing down. Of course, when found in water less than a foot deep, as they often are, you have to be a little more subtle.

What is the Florida record for Redfish?

Red Drum, (Sciaenops ocellatus) 52 lb 5 oz Cocoa, Feb. 24, 1996; George E. Hogan, Jr.

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