What is the best time of year to fish?

We are fortunate to have year-round fishing, with different species available depending on water temperature, wind, and other factors. Check my Fishing Reports for a current report on what to expect.

What type of fishing tackle do you use?

It really depends on the customer Some fly fish, while others like spinning tackle or bait casting. All are effective and fun ways to fish here, and I am able to easily suit your skills in any of these departments.

What type of boat do you have?

My boat is a 2007 Bay Ranger, capable of comfortably carrying 3 anglers in addition to myself. It is specifically designed to safely traverse the shallow waters of our area.Everglades Fishing

This is the boat that set the bar for all others when it comes to shallow water light tackle fishing. The Bay Ranger is so quiet that I can approach fish without them ever knowing were there. This gives my customers a tremendous advantage while were stalking fish.

Where will we meet?

We will depart from the Everglades City Rod and Gun Club, Everglades City, FL

How is the weather?