Charter Tips

Making Your Everglades Fishing Trip Productive

Practice your casting before you get here

Everglades Fishing can be tricky. Spend some time practicing your casting before you get here. When it comes to casting skills distance and accuracy are an important factor in how successful your day will be. Many times youll be casting near and around obstacles, like mangrove roots So one of my favorite drills is to place several 5 gallon buckets (lying on their sides) around me at various distances. Ill cast so that my fly or plug will enter the bucket basically emulating a cast to a Tarpon, Snook, or Redfish in the mangroves.

Get a good pair of polarized glasses

Dont underestimate the value of a good pair of polarized glasses Without them you wont be able to see the fish. In addition, they provide UV ray protection for your eyes. I use an amber colored lens under normal conditions.

Dress comfortably

The sun is intense here near Everglades City, and my personal strategy is to cover up. I have found the long sleeve vented Columbia shirt in light blue to be my all time favorite. Lightweight shorts or loose fitting jeans, along with non-marking deck shoes or sneakers. Finish off with a hat that provides a good shade for your eyes.

What should I bring Everglades Fishing?

  • SPF 30 (or higher) Sunscreen
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Hat (dark under brim to minimize glare)
  • Non-Marking Deck Shoes or White Sneakers Or be prepared to go barefoot
  • Long Sleeve Casting Style Shirt (vented light colored cotton)
  • Bandana Can be used for sun protection, or to cool down (wet and tie on neck)
  • Food & Beverages Ill provide a cooler with ice
  • A good nights sleep

I know when I travel that many times a good nights sleep can be elusive But do your best to get some rest before spending the day fishing.

Have fun and be safe!

My top priorities. Keep in mind that every fish wont fully cooperate and let you land him. But Ill bet we get our share All while enjoying a great day in the glades! Call me today to go on an Everglades Fishing Charter !

Everglades Fishing Captain Brian Richardson